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EPE/XPE Foam Foil Insulation

EPE/XPE Foam Foil Insulation is a group of energy saving and general insulation materials. It is also called Poly foam foil insulation. Poly foam insulation is great for construction insulation - for roof insulation, wall insulation, underlay for flooring, house wrap etc., it is also great for ice bags, lunch bags, refrigerator dividers, windshield sun screen, packaging/storage material etc.

A truly versatile insulation and energy saving material. Its structures, specifications and great feature are listed below. Email to call us today to order this great thermal insulation material!


* Alu Foil/Foam
* Alu Foil/Foam /Alu Foil
* Alu Foil/Foam/Woven
* Antiglare PE/Alu Foil/ Woven/Foam/Alu Foil
* MPET/Foam
* MPET/Woven/Foam/Woven/MPET


* Width: 300mm to 1500mm
* Thickness: 0.5mm to 25mm
* Normal Thickness: 2, 3, 5mm
* Fire Rating: Class 1/ Class A (ASTM E84-09)
* Temp Range: -50F to 180F (ASTM C411)
* Emissivity: 0.03-0.05
* Weight: 60gsm ~ 600gsm
* House Wrape Dim.: 3mm X 72in X 125ft
* Pip Wrape Dim.: 4mm X 30in X 500ft

EPE/XPE Foam Foil Insulation Pictures

Many Applications for EPE/XPE Foam Foil

  • House Wrap/General building insulation
  • Roof insulation, wall insulation, underlay for flooring
  • Pipe Wrap, Pipe insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Ice bags, lunch bags, refrigerator dividers etc
  • Packaging/storage material
  • windshield sun screen, etc.
Example Products:
  • AL/EPE foam/PE woven fabric for building insulation
  • Aluminum Foil/EPE Foam/Aluminum Foil
  • Construction insulation/pipe insulation

Great Features

  • R-Value performance reflecting up 97% of radiant heat flow
  • Effective for tempreture control in many applications
  • Safe to handle, quick and easy installation
  • Light weight, flexible, tough and durable
  • Water proof, and non-absorbent
  • Anti fungi, mold and mildew, anti-bacterial
  • Exceptional fire safety qualities with safe fire retardant additives
  • Great choice for an air and moisture barrier
  • Maximize heating system efficiency by redirecting heat toward its source