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Aluminum Foil Paper & FSK

Aluminum Foil Paper & FSK is a group of energy saving and general insulation materials. Typicle application including buy not limited to food packages, medical packages and steel roof covering/lining etc.

Its structures, specifications and great feature are listed below. Email to call us today to order Aluminum Foil Paper & FSK, a great thermal packaging material!


* Foil/Kraft Paper
* Foil/2 ways fiberglass Scrim/Kraft
* Foil/2 ways fiberglass Scrim/Kraft/Foil
* Foil/3 ways fiberglass Scrim/Kraft
* Foil/3 ways fiberglass Scrim/Kraft/Foil
* Foil/Fiberglass Cloth


* Roll width: 1.0 to 1.35m
* Roll length: 50-300m
* Custom izes per specification
* Regular weight of kraft:50-150 gsm
* Regular dim.: 24in X 100ft X (7 micron thick)

Aluminum Foil Paper & FSK

Great Features

  • Reflective to sunshine and solar heat
  • Water proof, no moisture retention, Fiber free
  • Anti fungi, mold and mildew, anti-bacterial
  • Easy to laminate with Fiberglass Wool & other material
  • Prevent dust and moisture penetration
  • Durable and environmental friendly
  • Fire resistant
  • Excellent vapor barrier and thermal insulation materials